New life for recycled plastic

Conserving resources, saving raw materials and recycling existing ones - each of us can make a contribution to more sustainability.

The economical and environmentally friendly use of resources is part of LECHUZA's ethos. We pay great attention to sustainability and responsibility, when choosing the raw materials used in our own production. We produce with green electricity such as solar power, and recycle 95% of the plastic waste from our own production into the manufacture of planters. Depending on the amount of rainfall, we take about 70% of the water we use from cisterns in our production facilities. All LECHUZA planters are 100% recyclable.

At LECHUZA, we focus on the high quality and durability of the planters. We produce according to the highest environmental standards in Germany, because nature is close to our hearts. The entire value chain is included in our environmental concept, for example, we ensure that our suppliers have short delivery routes and that they pay their workers fairly in developing countries. Many of our raw materials come either from Germany or from neighbouring countries such as France.

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Ecological sustainability

Ecological sustainability

We analyse all ecological and usage conditions of our products and consistently strive for improvement.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Through our business activities, we make a sustainable contribution to supporting people in their development.

Sustainable business

Sustainable business

We ensure that our business models can be operated successfully and in the long term - with positive effects on people and the environment.

From plastic waste to planter

It looks like a normal planter - but it's not! The CLASSICO Color ECO is the first planter from LECHUZA to be made of 100% recycled plastic* and, like all other planters from LECHUZA, it can be 100% recycled again. Due to this, the ECO line was certified with the German "Blue Angel" ecolabel. The certification was made because at least 80% of the product is made from recycled plastic and pollutants are limited.

At LECHUZA, we are taking another big step towards sustainability with the new ECO line, which is made in Germany. Up until now, the black inserts of all LECHUZA planters have been made made entirely of recycled PIR plastic*, but with the ECO line the outer planter is also made entirely of recylced material. With this, LECHUZA ensures active support of the existing recycling concept - reduce, reuse, recylce

Due to its robust and durable properties, plastic offers optimal conditions for recycling and is therefore ideally suited as the basis for the new ECO line. For the so-called PCR plastic*, which the outer container of the ECO line is made from, plastic waste is shredded into granulate in the recycling plant, melted down and then processed into the raw material for the production of the ECO planters. This means that the containers are not only fully recyclable, but are also made of recycled plastic*.

*The outer container of the ECO line is made of PCR (Post-Consumer Recycling) plastic. Plastic waste from the collection of recyclable materials is shredded into granulate in the recycling plant, melted down and then further processed into the raw material for the production of the ECO Line planters. The inner liner and watering apparatus is made of of PIR plastic, (Post-Industrial Recyclate) which is a waste product from the industrial production of plastics.

Available in six sizes
and three colours
'Blue Angel

Excellent sustainability!

All the planters in the the CLASSICO Color ECO line, which have been produced since summer 2023, are certified with the German Blue Angel eco-friendly certification .

This certification is awarded to products that consist of at least 80% recycled materials and meet the limitation of harmful substances according to the strict guidelines of RAL (the Blue Angel awarding body). The Blue Angel has been the German government's environmental label for over 45 years and stands for independent, transparent and ambitious labelling. The Blue Angel guarantees that a product has a lower impact on the environment and the climate while meeting high health protection standards.

*Testing according to guideline DE-UZ 30a

Best quality without compromise

In terms of quality, the CLASSICO ECO is in no way inferior to conventional LECHUZA planters: The planters are weather resistant and shatter resistant, and can be used indoors or outdoors. They are equipped with the original LECHUZA irrigation system, with which the plants can supply themselves with all the necessary nutrients and water as if by magic. Plant care thus becomes simple and sustainable!

The CLASSICO Color ECO is available in a total of 6 sizes and three matt gray tones. Both light gray and gray or dark gray fit stylishly into any ambience. Due to its sustainable production from fully recycled plastic, its durability and its simple design, it is a good choice for anyone who wants to make their home more sustainable.

LECHUZA substrates

In addition to sustainable production and recycled planters, our substrates are also good for the environment. You can find out all about our peat-free substrates and the many other advantages of our irrigation system on our service page.

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